Company Mission Statement

It is sometimes the smallest of things that creates the biggest divide between people. The inability to share a common pleasure, to participate in a game so many play at with little conscious effort; this can be all it takes to bring on the label of "different" and "strange", labels which keep people apart.

U CAN DO is a bridge across that gap. For the first time, individuals who previously could only participate in one of America's great past times as spectators, can play -- and compete -- as equals. In playing together, people on both sides of the divide -- young and old, men and women -- learn that despite physical differences, we are more alike than different, that we all experience the sense of challenge, of triumph, and of play much the same way.

The company was founded on the dreams of many, and the work of one man, our founder, Ronald Kochel.

Our products enable individuals with disabilities and special needs to develop and improve Eye - Hand coordination while providing challenging entertainment with social and family interaction.

The products are three dimensional to enable the participants to utilize the thought process, develop self-esteem and a sense of belonging in society, as we know it.

Their progress can be measured as they challenge themselves and others, with or without disabilities, to accomplish a goal previously unattainable.

OUR MOTTO : U CAN DO Reaches out to all